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Google AdWords is currently the largest pay per click marketing network on the internet. How does pay per click marketing work? Well, in short, a client pays the search engine, such as Google, every time their ad is clicked. It sounds costly but in fact you control the budgets and can set limits to control monthly expenditure. Advertisers with various budgets can utilise a service such as Google AdWords; an advertiser wishing to test the results of pay per click marketing can do so with a small initial budget and retain full visibility of how that money was spent. Budgets can be scaled at any time depending on the calculated return on investment and this affords advertisers flexibility in their online marketing.

Google AdWords is not only flexible but also offers high quality, targeted visitors to your website. Advertising on Google means that your ads are shown to people searching for your product or service and this provides a bigger opportunity to convert those visitors into customers or clients.
Advertisers can target potential customers based on location, language and device. This becomes particularly useful for local businesses who wish to target a smaller geographic location. International businesses with a larger global footprint can target multiple languages in countries across the world.

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We Are Google Partners

which means that we are certified to manage Adwords accounts and we follow Google’s best practices.

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Have a look at our customer testimonials and you’ll see that our clients love us and will testify to our ethical and transparent approach to managing Adwords accounts

No Lengthy Contracts

We want our clients to work with us because we’re getting great Adwords results for them, not because they have a long term contract with us.

Biggest Is Not Always Best

We’re not a huge agency and don’t plan to be, we’re a small team of internet marketing specialists that offer a personalised serviced and prefer to work in partnership with our clients.

Latest Research

We are committed to ongoing training and R&D to stay on top of the ever-changing world of search algorithms. We’ve even been known to travel to Seattle to make sure our research is current!

Detailed Reports

Great results is what motivates us so every month you will receive a detailed report showing you what SEO results have been achieved, including rankings, website and most importantly – how much revenue did SEO generate for you. Our reports are tailored to your needs and aren’t just printed from 3rd party tools!

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