Facebook Business Pages: How They Work?

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Facebook Business Pages are certainly a must-have in today’s social media driven generation. With the ability to go viral in a matter of seconds it is so important for us that you understand exactly how Facebook Business Pages work when it comes to your business and the content that you are posting.


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Social media is the fastest growing form of communication and marketing currently. With its continuous innovation and development in technology and its ability to reach masses of consumers in a few seconds, more and more brands are turning to social media as their main source of marketing which is why it is vital that their…

Cool Google Tools

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Over time brands have become verbs such as “hoover”; “Velcro” and “superglue”. Google has become the verb for people wishing to search for something online; the phrase “just Google it” is thrown about in almost any context. The search engine giant really has taken the search world by storm but what other aspects of our…

2015 Social Media Trends

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Where is social media going in 2015/2016…we outline some of the trends for you here. Whether you’re one of the younger generation social media users that seem to use their hashtags for everything but the kitchen sink in an effort to gain followers and likes and in turn popularity. Or, you are a business owner…

The Google Doodle

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As if we aren’t already all inclined to use Google over other search engines already (mostly due to its efficient and extensive search result capabilities and user friendly interface), the Google Doodle just ads to the excitement of performing a Google search. “Google doodles” are the surprising, quirky and fun graphics added to the internationally…

Facebooks Favourites

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Which Facebook pages are performing the best and why? It’s no secret that marketing has done a complete 180 over the last decade and social media marketing is largely responsible for this change. Marketing used to be a “one to one“ game with your potential client, we could only communicate with one person at a…

How to create a blog…blog writing tips

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This month we are giving you sneak peak at our pin board…read our tips on how to keep your blogs fresh and informative or how to create one from start to finish. Irrespective of what service you are providing or what product you are selling, blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy. Blogging…