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Facebook Business Pages: How They Work?

Facebook Business Pages are certainly a must-have in today’s social media driven generation. With the ability to go viral in a matter of seconds it is so important for us that you understand exactly how Facebook Business Pages work when it comes to your business and the content that you are posting.

Facebook Business Pages: How They Work?

Essentially, your Facebook Business Page can lend itself to making your business and brand that much more discoverable to those consumers you’ve been dying to reach; and on a much larger and more efficient scale.

Facebook Business Pages have a number of exciting features that allow you to send out posts or share advertisements with all of your followers or you can specify exactly where you want your posts to be seen and by who! Amazing right?

Let’s get a bit more in-depth shall we?

Facebook Business Page features include:

  • Facebook adverts
  • Fine-tuned targeting
  • Page insights

And on top of this you are able to maximise the impact of every post or advert you so desire!

It is important to remember that going so far as to just setting up a business page and posting every so often is not really going to benefit your business on a large scale and this is why it is imperative you make use of every element of your Facebook Business Page and here’s how.

Facebook Adverts

Facebook advertising is a great tool that allows you to submit adverts to Facebook or create them using their ad creation tool. These ads can then be boosted which essentially means you take as much of your marketing budget as you like, give it to Facebook and they will make your post visible to the right people at the right time. How you ask? Facebook has their very own algorithm known as EdgeRank that decides whether your posts are worthy of being seen in news feeds or not, depending on the visual aspect, the text to image ratio and the amount of budget you decide to utilise, Facebook will rank your post accordingly which means that not everybody will see your posts.

There are 3 components that will make up your EdgeRank score and these are Affinity – the more interaction you have, the higher your affinity score; Weight – the type of interaction affects your weight score; and decay – timelessness of posts matter!

Fine-tuned targeting:

Another great feature of the Facebook Business Pages is the fact that you can fine tune your targeting.

When you run an advert from your business page, meaning you are boosting a post to utilise it as an advertisement, you can select certain traits that you feel best represent your target audience. In doing so, you are able to fine-tune your impact and reach those consumers you wish to target with your product and/or service offering!

Facebook allows you to target specific people based on the following:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • What they buy online and offline, to name a few

Page Insights:

Facebook page insights is a fantastic feature that allows you to measure and track the performance of ALL of your posts, how great?

Not only does it enable Facebook to send your notification and updates on how your advertisements are doing once you have spent a bit of money on boosting the post but it also notifies you of the performance of every single post that you post on Facebook which allows you to monitor and adjust your social strategy wherever possible by highlighting which type of posts your consumers engage with more and what posts don’t work so well as well as what time of day is best for you to post and so forth.

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