Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has taken the world by storm in the past decade with the creation of Facebook back in 2004. This was followed by other social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In South Africa we have over 6 million internet users and 39 million mobile users which mean people have instant access to social media sites. Advertisers have an opportunity to utilise this marketing potential and be part of this ever growing and ever changing marketing strategy.

A key benefit of social media marketing is the ability to interact with a targeted audience on a personal level. You can create integrated campaigns using a variety of social media sites or just select one; the choice is yours and could depend on the time and budget you wish to spend.


With over 500 million users globally, Facebook is the most popular and most detailed social media site. Advertisers can choose to set up a profile for their business and through word of mouth or promoting it on their website people will start to ‘like’ your page. A profile page has options to upload promotions, photos, events and even host discussions. Coca Cola has one of the most successful Facebook pages with more than 30 million fans so what is it that they are doing right? Quite simply they keep their page updated regularly with informative, fun and interactive content.

MJ Media can assist with setting up and managing of Facebook profile pages and also assist with PPC campaigns. Advertisers on Facebook can target specific age groups, locations and interests. Much like with Google PPC you have the ability to control your budget and you only pay when people click on your ad. Contact us for more information.


Twitter is a much simpler form of social media than Facebook. The site allows members to upload 140 character text statements referred to as ‘tweets’ on to a profile page. Twitter has the ability to deliver messages instantaneously and in just one statement, businesses can guide their customers to a website by using interesting Twitter updates.

Barrack Obama used Twitter to keep the world up-to-date on his presidential election race and the world ‘ tweeted’ about the 2010 World Cup at a rate of 2940 tweets per second. It is no surprise that Twitter is growing into a very powerful marketing tool and with MJ Media we can work with you to find ways to utilise the tool to suit your business needs. We offer assistance with paid advertising and managing a Twitter profile. Contact us for more information.


LinkedIn was created as a business related social site specifically for professionals. The aim is, over time, to build up a list of connections and through networking generate leads, sales and overall opportunities for a business.
Marketing relies on targeting and LinkedIn has the ability to target based on location, seniority in a company or job functionality. MJ Media can utilise the above targeting options to help you make the connections needed to boost your business. We can set up a company profile on LinkedIn and/or assist with a PPC Campaign. Contact us for more information.


YouTube is a social media tool for those people wishing to upload videos of their products, business or event. Businesses create simple but unique videos with the aim to attract viewers to their website.

MJ Media can upload all your videos and also run your Google Adwords campaign, which appear on your YouTube videos. Contact us for more information.